Sunday, November 6

Save time, date smart

Online dating to find a discreet lover is just as challenging as finding anyone to date online. The good news is that online dating is probably the most convenient way of dating – especially if you’re looking for a discreet relationship; the bad news is that you actually have to invest some of your time & efforts in trying to find the right person to pursue a relationship with.

Here are some general tips to help keep your sanity while looking for that right person:

  • If someone interests you, go ahead and send them an email or message. The internet may be the answer to every daters prayers, but there’s one thing it still lacks – the ability to mind-read. It’s a proven fact that unless you tell your crush you’re into them, they won’t have any idea.
  • You’re never obligated to share any information that you don’t feel comfortable sharing. The other person sitting across from the computer screen can’t do anything if you decide not to disclose information. You have all the right to ignore their question, refuse to answer, or tell them to bug off completely – if you deem it fitting.
  • There’s no such thing as the “waiting game” when you’re dating online. If you want to be mysterious and play hard-to-get, do yourself a favor and avoid signing up for a dating profile. Online, the waiting game just makes you look like you’re not interested; therefore, giving them ample opportunity to begin talking with other (more readily available) members. Don’t sabotage yourself before you even begin, always respond back in a timely manner – especially if you’re interested in that person.
  • Think of your profile picture as the “first impression.” Yes, you want to look nice and attractive but refrain from using photos that are 3 years old. Assuming that you begin an actual relationship with someone you meet online, you’ll most likely end up sending them newer photos of yourself; now when they see a completely different person than what’s pictured in your default- you’ll have some explaining to do.
  • There’s no time restrictions for online dating, just make sure you invest your time with people you find worth it. Remember, you never have to continue a conversation if you’re not interested; you always have the ability to block people you don’t like; and sign off as soon as you’re done for the day.
Date when you want and stop with the simple switch of the POWER button.

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